[Marxism] Putin: What were the Bolsheviks thinking?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 10:25:36 MDT 2014

"Putin referred to the region in question by its tsarist name
'Novorossiya', or 'New Russia', as it was referred to in the 19th century
under tsarist rule, and suggested it was a historical mistake to hand it
over to Ukraine.

"'It's new Russia,' he told millions of watchers. 'Kharkiv, Lugansk,
Donetsk, Odessa were not part of Ukraine in tsarist times, they were
transferred in 1920. Why? God knows. Then for various reasons these areas
were gone, and the people stayed there – we need to encourage them to find
a solution.'"

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