[Marxism] Why does the mass media ignore mass murder in Syria?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 18:26:56 MDT 2014

Here's another answer to:

Why would Syria be different?


if you ever have the privilege and burden of finding out what is really
> going on in Syria it is impossible not to become completely obsessed with
> it. It is such a tragic, flagrant, and horrific violation of every single
> thing we like to think about ourselves as humans and as a civilized world.
> The atrocities that have been allowed while so called decent people
> preferred not to know and the news organizations accommodated them will
> shame the entire world.
> He [brown moses] and people like him [me] are the only thing standing
> between Assad and his war of lies and the gullible people searching for
> excuses to remain comfortable in their indifference and our cowardly
> justifications for ignoring the screams for help of our fellow man.

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