[Marxism] IS Network - Ukraine and imperialism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 19 17:43:53 MDT 2014

The role of internationalists is not to side with one imperialism over 
another. While we must primarily criticise our own state’s imperialism, 
and certainly refuse to be pulled by any attempts to paint it as 
progressive or benign, when a rival imperial power, such as Russia, is 
engaged in the oppression of another country as internationalists we 
should argue for solidarity with those it is oppressing. However, the 
resurgence of Russia may weaken Western imperialism; it is not the role 
of anti-imperialists to root for rival imperialisms. Socialist 
Resistance, Workers Power, the Anticapitalist Initiative, the IS Network 
and rs21 have managed to work well together on the question of Syria. We 
all built a conference on the Syrian Revolution, and the first four 
released a joint statement in its support. We may not be able to reach a 
similar consensus over Ukraine, but we should be looking where possible 
to build joint work on international and anti-imperialist issues. The 
Stop the War Coalition has become politically bankrupt, and while we are 
not in a position to build a new campaign, we should be attempting to 
make the argument for a new radical anti-imperialist left which builds 
practical and political solidarity for international resistance movements.


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