[Marxism] Socialism and the State of Libya

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 22:42:09 MDT 2014

Today from Linux Beach:

      Socialism and the State of Libya

> I'm not going to make some elaborate argument that the Libya
> Revolution is somehow groping towards socialism because Marxists
> already know that is true of the whole world simply because it is the
> next historic phase in successful human development. No system is
> eternal. Just as surely as feudalism had to eventually give way to
> capitalism, as capitalism ceases to be a benefit to humanity and
> instead threatens to drag it down with it, it too must give way to a
> system that is more just, and most importantly, more in tune with
> humanity's needs at this already post-capitalist stage of our development.
> Capitalism gave rise to industrial production and that created vast
> wealth. This is a good thing, but the control of that wealth, by and
> for the benefit of an ever shrinking portion of humanity, now
> increasingly endangers, not only all the people, but the viability of
> life on Earth. It must be overthrown. This is the most important
> historic task of humanity in the present era.
> Still it must be admitted that the first dozen or so attempts at
> socialism in a handful of countries makes for a poor showing. It will
> probably take a lot more attempts and especially in countries with
> advanced socialized production and the freest forms of capitalist
> democracy, before really workable models start to take shape.  Good
> things sometimes take time.

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