[Marxism] German TV. 10.4.14. Who were the Maidan snipers? Ukraine.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 23 08:08:28 MDT 2014

On 4/23/14 9:47 AM, Greg McDonald wrote:
> This report from the German ARD network is comparable to 60 minutes here in the USA,

That's the point, really. Has anybody ever learned anything about the 
class struggle from shows like "60 Minutes"? The overarching ideological 
framework for the sort of "investigative reporting" on such shows is 
that history moves forward on account of the decisions made by elites or 
by secret cabals. In Ukraine, the narrative put forward by the pro-Putin 
left and the Kremlin is that a combination of exactly these two players 
(the pro-EU western Ukraine pols like Yatsenyuk and the Right Sector) 
plotted to create a "false flag" operation that would turn the tide 
against Yanukovych. There is a collapsing of the chronology to February 
20th when the snipers--paid for by the Euromaidan elites--opened fire on 
protesters. There is no interest in the mass demonstrations that had 
been occurring since Yanukovych decided to go with the Kremlin, nor in 
the beatings and proposed police state legislation up to that point. It 
is all reduced to the elites and fascists working behind the scenes with 
NATO and the EU to turn Ukraine into something approximating Hitler's 
advance on the USSR in 1940, as if Russia wasn't already the third 
largest recipient of FDI in the world and that Putin had not worked 
closely with the USA against "jihadists". It is a version of history 
suited to the foreign policy initiatives of the Kremlin, just as what we 
have been hearing about Syria for 3 years now.


The anatomy of a dangerous interview

First-time 60 Minutes correspondent, Clarissa Ward, and her producer 
prepare to confront a dangerous militant Islamist on his turf in Syria

Correspondent Clarissa Ward, producer Ben Plesser, and executive editor 
Bill Owens tell the story behind a dangerous 60 Minutes interview.

Did you catch the amazing interview moment on 60 Minutes this week when 
Clarissa Ward confronts a jihadi leader in Syria about an execution video?

In the feature above, Ward and her producer Ben Plesser explain the 
planning and precautions that went into that dangerous confrontation.

"I think we all felt strongly that we were taking a very well 
thought-out risk," says Ward. "At the same time, in the moment, it was 
very, very frightening. I physically felt butterflies in my stomach. My 
cameraman told me afterwards that his hand was trembling when he was 
trying to focus the camera."

Watch the video above for the full story behind this courageous 
interview and tell us what you think.

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