[Marxism] Ukraine: Miners strike in Lugansk region

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 23 17:34:09 MDT 2014

On 4/23/14 6:43 PM, Matthew Russo wrote:
> 2000 miners gathered at the mine office, *demanding the
> reinstatement of 30 miners who had been dismissed for participating in a
> rally in Lugansk*.

I of course view the Militant newspaper as unreliable but if this is 
true, it is an important development:

For the most part, police forces in the east — unchanged since the 
overthrow of Yanukovych — either permitted or helped to organize 
provocations. A big majority of cops in Donetsk defected to the 
Moscow-backed forces, taking the regional administration building and 
appealing for Russian President Vladimir Putin to send troops.

But the provocations have received very little support among working 
people. Sergei Baryshnikov, a 53-year-old former history professor who 
was recently proclaimed a “deputy” in the pro-Moscow “Donetsk People’s 
Republic,” told the Wall Street Journal April 9 that “miners and 
steelworkers haven’t joined the pro-Russia movement.”

In Luhansk, 35 miles from the Russian border, more than 1,000 took to 
the streets to protest the provocations April 13. Sizable rallies also 
took place in Odessa and Zaporizhia. More than 1,000 rallied in Kharkiv 
April 12. And hundreds of miners and others rallied in the city square 
of the eastern mining city of Krivii Rig.

“We’ve been in contact with miners in Luhansk, Donetsk and other 
cities,” Yuriy Petrovych, president of the city-wide Independent Trade 
Union of Miners of Ukraine in Krivii Rig, told the Militant April 9. 
“Miners know that if Russia seizes some of our cities, there will be no 
work in the mines within a month. We know what’s at stake and we are 
determined to fight to keep a united Ukraine. That’s what our comrades 
in all the eastern cities are organizing to do.”

“We are organized to prevent Russian forces or their supporters from 
taking any government buildings here,” Petrovych said. “Earlier today we 
heard there was a possible attack at the city square and we mobilized 
our self-defense groups to go down. No one showed up. People know we are 
prepared here.”

These actions and preparations reflect the overwhelming sentiment of 
working people across Ukraine. A recent poll by the Kiev-based 
Democratic Initiatives Foundation suggests only 8 percent of Ukrainians 
are in favor of secession. In Donetsk, the main city in the east, it is 
18 percent.

full: http://www.themilitant.com/2014/7816/781601.html

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