[Marxism] Assad's strategy & why exposing his crimes is so critical

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      Assad's strategy & why exposing his crimes is so critical

> As the Syrian conflict grinds into its forth year, the sad truth is
> that most people wish that it would just go away. The Syrian people
> would like to see it end much more than most. They most badly need to
> see an end to the killing and the dying. The children need to get back
> to being children and the refugees need to be able to go home. This
> requires not the end of the uprising, but its successful conclusion.
> People vested in the revolution understood that even when victory
> seemed remote, as it did in the beginning .
> Others, less personally involved, especially the broad mass of people
> in say, United States, that haven't paid close attention and just know
> something very ugly and terrible is happening in Syria, may well
> settle for any outcome that just makes it go away, even if that means
> the same violence is going on at night and behind /"detention center"/
> walls.
> Bashar al-Assad is well aware of that and he hopes to sell the
> /"international community"/ on the notion that the quickest and
> easiest way to resolve the Syria mess is to let Assad win, i.e. turn a
> blind eye to his atrocities, foreign armies and foreign suppliers,
> while putting the kibosh on support for the revolution. That is why he
> is putting the hard sell on the idea that he is winning, and acting as
> if he has already won, planning his re-election and such. Nevermind
> his recent loses in Aleppo, Latakia and Homs. That is why he has his
> minions preaching this fable high and low. That is why he used the CW
> concessions to show that he is a reasonable guy that can be worked
> with, even while he continues to use CW to kill.
> Like the guy in the movie, who while trying to save a life, starts
> thinking /"it might be better for me if this person dies"/ and then
> shrinks back, Assad is hoping that Western fears of the /"jihadist
> threat"/ that he has so carefully nurtured will cause them to shrink
> back and leave the Syrian people at the mercy of the lions.
> The thought of allowing such a war criminal to not only go free, but
> to continue to run a country, should be an anathema, but that is
> exactly the proposition that Assad is trying to sell. Therefore it is
> incumbent on those of us that have made it our business to expose the
> crimes of the Assad regime to redouble our efforts.
> These are some of the aspects of the struggle that make the work of
> social media activists for a free Syria indispensable to the victory
> of the Syrian revolution. The fascists certainly understand that the
> blogosphere is a battlefield. That's why Putin pays bloggers and Assad
> spends millions on the Syrian Electronic Army. We know that too. In
> the face of the silence of the mainstream media about Assad's daily
> atrocities, we are the ones spreading the news. We are now set with
> the strategic task of making that news so well known that anyone still
> in touch with reality would be too embarrassed to say he is an
> acceptable leader for Syria. 
> While leaders of the so-called /"international community"/ may be
> willing to shake the blood-soaked hands of Bashar al-Assad and welcome
> him back into the exclusive club of world leaders, it should be such a
> moral outrage to the people of Earth that they would never allow a war
> criminal like Assad to stand for president in any country.
> Therefore, we must strengthen our efforts to expose the criminal deeds
> of this regime. Bashar al-Assad needs to be in custody and preparing
> his defense before the International Criminal Court, not ruling a
> country and running for re-election.  
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