[Marxism] Announcement: Marxists Internet Archive forced to remove some works of Marx & Engels

Steffan Wyn-Jones mrpettymrsmorse at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 14:07:37 MDT 2014

This is disgraceful indeed.
I seem to remember a few years back that there was a bit torrent file with the entire MIA archive 'webdumped' into two different iso files that were about 4Gb each. I'm not sure that anyone is seeding these files any more, but if there's anyone active at the MIA on this mailing list, then perhaps creating a new torrent would be possible. A site like onebigtorrent.org could host the tracker, and at least it would available to all for download. 
If anyone does know how to direct download the entire archive on a windows machine, then I'd be interested to know for sure.


> I see they won't be taking down these archives until 30 April, but just in
> case you can't read that fast, you should be able to download the whole
> archive under Linux with
> wget -m http://marxists.org/archive/marx/works/cw/index.htm
> the wget command should also be available under most UNIXes and the MAC. I
> hacve no idea how you would do this with Windows. Obviously this takes a
> lot of time and space. I will let you know how much when I'm done.
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