[Marxism] Announcement: Marxists Internet Archive forced to remove some works of Marx & Engels

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 15:03:45 MDT 2014

As I'm part of the admin comm. for the MIA, I'm legally responsible
(personally as well) for anything I say here concerning this issue. Thus, I
can only respond in a factual manner to the many queries.

Clay is accurate: we are required to take down the proscribed texts by the
end of day, April 30th. Until then, things stand "as is". Also, a purchased
of the HD with the entire MIA is still available but this is costly,
obviously (many have sent in orders anyway, I might add).

Translations. L&W (and International Publishers and what's left of Progress
Publishers) share a 3-way copyright on the translations they did for
compiling the MECW of 50 volumes, starting in the early 1970s. ONLY the
works in these volumes are held in copyright. All other works that are not
part of the MECW project, mostly published over the last 80 years by
International Publishers or any entity of the old USSR (Progress, CPSU,
etc) and that do not have a copyright notice in them are, and will always
remain, in the public domain. The 3-way copyright allows any of the 3
entities to license their copyrights for distribution. International
Publishers did this with an academic publisher for server only access to
all 50 volumes some 10 years ago or more (this is the MECW in database form
used only for doing search queries). L&W are aiming for a digital
distribution of some sort also aimed at academic institutions.


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