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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 25 08:12:32 MDT 2014

Rage, Race and Violence on the Western Range

In the mid-90s, shortly after the Oklahoma City bombings, James Ridgeway 
and I toured the interior West, interviewing ranchers in Nevada and 
eastern Oregon, who were engaged in an open war with the federal 
government over grazing and water rights. The ranchers had openly defied 
federal environmental regulations, built private roads and water 
structures on public lands and used bellicose tactics to hold off 
enforcement actions by rangers from the Forest Service and the BLM. One 
of the rebel ranchers we tried to track down has now become a cause 
celebre of the American right, Cliveden Bundy, who once threatened to 
“blow the fucking head off” of a BLM officer. Bundy, whose racist 
comments have prompted some Republicans, including Rand Paul, to 
distance themselves from him in recent days, refused to see us, but some 
of his cohorts were quite happy to explain their radical views over cups 
of bracing coffee in the dusty towns of the American outback.  This is a 
revised version of the original piece which ran in the Village Voice–JSC


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