[Marxism] • Lawrence & Wishart: independent radical publishers

jim jim at redunity.org
Sat Apr 26 04:25:11 MDT 2014

> On April 25, 2014 at 7:56 PM michael yates <mikedjyates at msn.com> wrote:
> Can comrades explain to me what is so outrageous about the publisher's defense
> of its actions? I really would like to know. I don't know much about Lawrence
> and Wishart. They did a copublication with Monthly Review Press of John
> Tully's fine book on the Silverton (in London) strike in which Eleanor Marx
> played a prominent role. we appreciated their agreement to do this, and the
> support they have given to John in his London promotion of the book. Hopefully
> Billy Bragg won't find out about L and W's nefarious nature and refuse to
> endorse the book. He's met Tully and we sent him a copy of the book. He agreed
> to hype the book a bit after I asked him if he would be willing to do so.

What is so outrageous is that L&W was built, like other old CPGB outlier
organisations and the Daily Worker (later renamed Morning Star), on the efforts
of selfless party members and sympathisers in the British working class
movement. Just as the party premises and the Morning Star were stolen by
Eurocommunists and Stalinists respectively, L&W was spirited away - effectively
privatised - and out of the control of the working class movement. Marxists do
not respect copyright - it is anathema - and only hold to it when we are forced
to under pain of massive fines or imprisonment - sometimes not even then! The
Eurocommunist heirs who run L&W are scum who need to feel the full ire of the
world's working class for their class treachery, especially for this latest
anti-communist attack.


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