[Marxism] Center for a Stateless Society » With “Socialists” Like Lawrence and Wishart, Who Needs Capitalists?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 26 17:42:11 MDT 2014

Aside from the rather contemptible display of self-pity and entitlement, 
the statement reflects more than anything else an utter lack of business 
sense. “Ultimately, in asking L&W to surrender copyrights in this 
particular edition of the works of Marx & Engels, [Marxist Internet 
Archive] and their supporters are asking that L&W, one of the few 
remaining independent radical publishers in the UK, should commit 
institutional suicide.” This is nonsense on stilts. The hard copy set of 
the Collected Works, if bought as a complete set instead of one volume 
at a time, sells for 1500 British Pounds, which is somewhere well north 
of $2000. If Lawrence and Wishart can show one person, anywhere in the 
world, who put off shelling out over two thousand bucks for a set of the 
dead tree edition of Marx and Engels’ Collected Works because a digital 
online edition was available, I will eat my own left hand – raw, and 
without salt. The Marxist Internet Archive’s online edition of the 
Collected Works is not costing Lawrence and Wishart a single solitary 
sale. The only thing the online edition is competing against is a trip 
to a university library. If anything, the online edition is free 
advertising for the dead tree edition. In other words, Lawrence and 
Wishart is governed by the same abject stupidity as the music and movie 
industries – the dying music and movie industries.


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