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I don't know about MR in general, but I chose to publish my last 2 books
with them because of their low prices and Michael Yates' editing.  I am
very happy with the experience.

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> Louis Proyect gives Monthly Review a lot of credit. I might add that, as I
> said on the petition site, we don't charge copyright fees for our books to
> publishers in poor countries, so that they are able to sell our books for
> rock bottom prices, even much less than one dollar. We have no objection to
> taking payment for publication rights when a Press can obviously afford to
> pay us. But our overall goal is to publish in the interest of socialism.
> And my own policy has always been to pay for books myself when someone
> cannot afford them, or have the Press just donate them, as when prisoners
> ask for books.We're not perfect, but we do the best we can in this shitty
> world.
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