[Marxism] AKs and SKSs

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Mon Apr 28 23:02:26 MDT 2014

On 04/28/2014 10:53 PM, DW wrote:

> Functionally, both rifles are almost identical, save for the very useless
> ability of the AK-47 to fire on full automatic and thus use up limited
> ammo. The SKS fires the same ammo as a AK-47 (though like the latter, the
> former can be chambered for almost any rifle round though this is not
> likely in Syria).

Just a point of clarification. I think when people write of AK-47s being
sent from the Ukraine (or other ex-Soviet bloc states), they probably
mean the AK-74 and its derivatives.  The AK-47, which entered service in
the late forties (as the number implies) was replaced in the Warsaw
Pact, as well as Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea, by the AK-74, sometimes
in the early 80s.  It fires a smaller caliber round, when compared to
the 47.

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