[Marxism] The Ukranian-SyrIan Arms Connection?

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 04:06:11 MDT 2014

and here is an interesting twist on the ukranian/german/syrian arms
connection, this time from the other side.


"...days prior, the *Atlantic Cruiser*, owned by the Emden carrier
Bockstiegel, had allegedly picked up heavy military equipment and munitions
meant for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's regime from an Iranian freighter
at the Djibouti port. The cargo, desperately needed reinforcements for
Assad's crackdown on dissidents, was supposed to be unloaded on Friday.

But defectors from inside the Syrian government had learned of the delivery
and warned the shipping company. On Friday the *Atlantic Cruiser* suddenly
changed course, heading for the Turkish harbor of Iskenderun instead. Then
the ship stopped some 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Tartus, sailing
in circles for the next few hours.

"We stopped the ship after getting information on the weapons cargo,"
shipping agent Torsten Lüddeke of Hamburg-based C.E.G. Bulk Chartering told

According to Lüddeke, the ship had been chartered by an Odessa,
Ukraine-based company called White Whale Shipping. "They declared to us as
cargo mainly pumps and similar things," he said. "We never would have
allowed weapons on board." For now, the 6,200-ton ship will "stay where it
is," he added.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian shipping company has insisted that the *Atlantic
Cruiser* is not carrying weapons and that it be allowed to dock in Tartus.

However, SPIEGEL has learned that the ship's crew had attempted to refuel
in the Cypriot port of Limassol, but was turned away after reporting its
cargo as "weapons and munitions."

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