[Marxism] RS backs Sabbahi in Egypt's presidential campaign

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 06:56:18 MDT 2014

For those unfamiliar with Sabbahi, he's a self-defined Nasserist (of the
kind which Adam Hanieh proves is irrelevant in today's economy), and a
supporter of the regime's "war on terror," while sometimes criticizing
specific aspects of it.
The endorsement of this bourgeois politician is in my opinion pure popular
front/lesser-evilism, and the rationale is opportunist (the masses are
supposedly too lacking in consciousness now to understand a boycott).

I am NOT interested in a slagging match or collective dumping on the RS,
even though I believe this endorsement, like their earlier one of Morsi's
candidacy, has to make me question whether they should be reclassified as
centrist rather than revolutionary.

I AM interested in thoughtful commentary and pedagogical explanations to
help RS comrades understand why this is wrong and hopefully to get the
decision overturned.


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