[Marxism] How the Left has helped radical Islam grow in Syria

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Good points, Clay. There's also the false friends within the pro-Revolution
camp. In his latest, Pham Binh tells critics of Ahmad al-Jarba, head of the
National Coalition, to shut up and let him do his thing, including going to

This when the major internal weakness of the Revolutionary forces is
precisely the misleadership of al-Jarba and all his bourgeois friends, and
when the local groups need support in their efforts to unite and forge a
grassroots-based leadership.


On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Clay Claiborne <clayclai at gmail.com> wrote:

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>       How the Left has helped radical Islam grow in Syria
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> http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-left-has-helped-radical-islam-grow.html
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> > While discussing the recruitment by radical Islam of fighters for
> > Syria in the West, someone in a France24 debate this week compared
> > this movement to the Lincoln Brigade and the other left-wing groups
> > that formed up to fight fascism in what was later seen as the
> > pre-conflict to the last world war, the Spanish Civil War. The point
> > was that in both cases, young people were motivated to leave
> > relatively comfortable lives in the West to risk theirs because they
> > saw the need to right a great wrong even while others whistled past it.
> >
> > Today, young people all over the world are connected to what is
> > happening through the Internet, and social media is their platform.
> > This has given them a way to follow the agony of Syria in spite of the
> > wilful ignorance of the mainstream media. If they are Muslim, read
> > Arabic or are religiously inclined, because it is a basic tenet of
> > Islam to help people in need, they will find a community of support
> > for the Syrian people among Muslims, and through the most extreme
> > Islamists, a path directly to the frontline, if they want to go that
> > route. If they are more secular, progressive, and look left for
> > guidance and leadership, say to the likes of KPFK in Los Angeles,
> > ICUJP, VFP and such, they will find them at one with the mainstream
> > media's boycott of Syria except for occasional outbursts of support
> > for Bashar al-Assad.
> >
> > Young people aren't being drawn to radical Islam because they have
> > been seized by a burning desire for the Caliphate. They are being
> > drawn to radical Islam because they have refused to bury their heads
> > in the sand like so many of their elders. They see what is going on in
> > Syria, and with all the energy and idealism of youth, they want to
> > fight back. When they seek ways to help, look for groups that share
> > their concerns and can give them a path to support the Syrian people
> > in this struggle, they don't find the Left. They will, in fact, be
> > repelled by the Left.
> >
> > Through Islamic groups they may find a way, and through the most
> > radical Islamic groups they may even find a way to fight, Lincoln
> > Brigade style, although they will be tutored in an ideology very
> > different from those of the 1930's leftists. They will be schooled by
> > a radical version of Islam that is extremely reactionary but
> > incorporates many features attractive to the young and has an
> > explanation as to why the so-called more /"progressive"/ and more
> > /"western"/ parts of the world are so willing to sit on their hands
> > while a hundred thousand people are slaughtered on YouTube.
> >
> > The US Left is in decline and one important reason is because it has
> > chosen to ignore, or worst -  support the prosecution of, the greatest
> > humanitarian crisis and the greatest social injustice of our time. As
> > a young man who turned 20 in 1968, I wasn't won to the Left by Marx or
> > Mao or the ideologies of any of the left groups, not at first, but I
> > wanted badly to do something about the Vietnam War. I wanted to feel
> > connected to this great tragedy of our time and to be able to do
> > something about it, so I was drawn to the people and groups that were
> > leading that struggle, the anti-war movement, and the Left that was
> > leading it.
> *More...*
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> http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/04/how-left-has-helped-radical-islam-grow.html
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