[Marxism] Dugin Says Putin Being Undermined by Insiders Who Don’t Back Him All the Way | The Interpreter

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 30 08:36:22 MDT 2014

According to the Eurasian leader and frequent Kremlin advisor, one 
cannot describe this confrontation “in ideological terms” because both 
Russia and the West are democratic societies with capitalist market 
economies, a liberal ideology, and are secular. Dugin says that it isn’t 
even a battle between eastern and western Christianity

Instead, he says, what is going on is a civilizational struggle 
reflecting the tendency of geopolitics “to regionalize space and 
society,” to divide the world between what he calls “the civilization of 
the Sea” (the West) with its liberal values and “the civilization of the 
Land” or World Island (Russia and adjacent territories, “an Empire of 
conservative values.”

Sometimes this conflict runs along national borders and sometimes, as in 
the case of Ukraine, it cuts across them. But Dugin says he wants to 
focus on the ways in which the civilization of the West is using some in 
Russia to undermine its civilizational basis and thus advance the power 
of the West.


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