[Marxism] More thoughts on Gaza

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 00:03:08 MDT 2014

I watched the Jon Snow Channel 4 piece on Gaza last nite on Youtube and it
was magnificent.  It was simple decent outrage about what is happening.  I
also looked up Uri Avnery, of Gush Shalom, to see what he was saying.  I
was provoked into this by a Washington Post piece which claimed the Israeli
peace camp activists were behind Netanyahu.

I have been critical of Avery's dream of a respectable Zionism, but his
article was very good in its description of the 'mediators' <
http://www.avnery-news.co.il/english/>.  They are an execrable bunch,
especially the loathsome Tony Blair.

There was also a discussion on Al Jazeera English that I sat through.  What
stuck with me most was the metaphor of 'mowing the lawn' to describe what
Israel was up to in Gaza. The metaphor describes perfectly the thinking
within Israel. It totally dehumanizes the Palestinians and positions them
as the Feared/Despised Other. More than anything else the metaphor speaks
to the moral bankruptcy of the Zionists.

It also masks only slightly a fear that the Palestinians cannot be beaten.
The grass will grow again and again and again. The political futility of
trying to destroy Palestine is obvious to all but the most depraved.

We now have a 72 hour truce. I hope that Netanyahu will have trouble in
getting the killing frenzy going again.  When the blood lust has cooled, I
believe that even within Israel the realization that they have
anathematized themselves will begin to penetrate. If nothing else they will
see it in the eyes of their biggest supporters. Obama and Kerry will
continue in public to speak in glowing terms of Israel, but when they leave
the obligatory meeting with Netanyahu et al, they will hasten to wash their

No one likes the butcher and the torturer - the performer of the dirty
business upon which all structures of oppression and exploitation
necessarily rest.  That is what Israel has become, an ever so eager peddler
of dirty deeds. Some light unto the nations!



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