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Wow, what a shit article.

Will send more comments when I'm on a machine, but it's pathetic the level some pseudo-left outfits will shield Israel with this kind of race-carding garbage.

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> The dead-end of contrarianism. Once upon a time there was LM, a group that evolved out of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Britain that embraced a "productivist" version of Marxism that involved defenses of fox-hunting, GMO, nuclear power, the right to smoke in pubs, and most egregiously the benefits of assimilating indigenous peoples into capitalist society (the original impetus for my study of indigenous society.) After LM folded because of repressive libel laws in Britain (they had published an article debunking--correctly--the claim of a Serb concentration camp), they re-emerged as Spiked online. At this point, the Marxism had been dropped and nothing was left except the contrarianism mixed with an even more pronounced libertarianism. Sad really.
> full: http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/why-so-many-in-the-west-dream-of-waging-war-on-israel/15503#.U9pPP4BdXHs
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