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Fri Aug 1 12:07:50 MDT 2014

(Was Boris Kagarlitsky there, I wonder.)

Within a month’s time, two conferences of pan-European right-wing 
radicals took place.

The first one took place in Vienna on the 31st of May and was hosted by 
Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofeev, the owner of the Moscow-based 
Marshall Capital. Malofeev is known for financing Russian right-wing 
extremists who are fighting against Ukrainian authorities in Eastern 
Ukraine: Igor Girkin, the former colonel at Russia’s Main Intelligence 
Directorate, and Aleksandr Borodai, a Muscovite businessman who is 
serving as “Prime Minister” of the virtual “Donetsk People’s Republic”.
Due to the clandestine nature of the conference, the full guest-list is 
unknown but Austrian-Swiss journalist Bernhard Odehnal who has revealed 
this conference argues that the following people were present:
Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin; French National Front’s Marion 
Maréchal-Le Pen (granddaughter of Jean-Mari Le Pen) and Aymeric 
Chauprade; Austrian Freedom Party’s Heinz-Christian Strache, John 
Gudenus and Johann Herzog; Bulgarian Ataka's Volen Siderov; leader of 
the Spanish Catholic-monarchist Carlist movement Prince Sixtus Henry of 
Bourbon-Parma; and director of the Swiss financial company Edifin Serge 
de Pahlen.

Many of the participants hailed Russian current president Vladimir Putin 
as Europe’s “redeemer” from Americanism, liberalism, secularism and 

The second pan-European far right conference took place in Stockholm on 
the 22nd of June and was called “Identitarian Ideas VI”. It was hosted 
by the Swedish far right think-tank Motpol (Antithesis) and Swedish far 
right periodical Nationell Idag (National Today).

At this conference, Austrian identitarian ideologue Markus Willinger 
presented his new book Europa der Vaterländer (Europe of Fatherlands); 
Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor of the far right magazine Zuerzt! (First), 
was talking about geopolitics of the crises in Ukraine, Syria and 
Kosovo; while Patrik Forsén of the Swedish right-wing extremist Nordisk 
Ungdom (Nordic Youth), John Morgan of Arktos, Patrik Ehn from Nationell 
Idag, Eva Charlotta Johansson from Motpol, and Manuel Ochsenreiter 
discussed Ukraine, Russia and the United States.


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