[Marxism] Barry the Hatchet (Calling Obama Out on Gaza)

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 21:02:55 MDT 2014

Hey folks,

Lots of people seem to still be in George F. Kennan mode from discussing
the Ukraine, or Tom Hayden mode from Vietnam memories. But these don't seem
to be meaningful activist stances, and something just occurred to me that
might be decidedly advantageous to the forces of justice and humanity in
Gaza. There is no comprehensible reason for this shit: it's a combination
of "Giuliani time" and Miller Time in Israel. Consquently there is no
"fifth column" in Israel to strengthen, as internationalists would
generally like to do in such cases. However, to my somewhat untutored eyes
it appears that Obama's irresponsible pandering is a huge "X factor".
Perhaps calling out Mr. Nobel Laureate on "having Israel's back" (can a
President really talk like that?) would be a Very Good Thing, practically

Jeff Rubard

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