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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Aug 2 16:17:43 MDT 2014

(I remember what a big deal it was when the NY Review of Books began 
publishing Tony Judt's rather bland critiques of Israel. Now we see 
this. Of course it would have taken the sheer level of savagery to we 
see now to bring things to a critical mass.)

Similar manifestations of right-wing violence and virulent verbal 
attacks had been known to occur in earlier periods of tension in Israel. 
What makes the present moment distinct is the phalangist-like 
organization of the right-wing thugs, who feed off incitement by 
politicians, including members of the cabinet, the Knesset, and other 
figures within the Israeli establishment. Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign 
minister, has publicly advocated a boycott by Israelis of all 
Israeli-Arab businesses. In a now notorious Facebook post on July 1, 
Knesset MP Ayelet Shaked, from the ultra-right Jewish Home party, cited 
with approval an essay by the late right-wing Israeli journalist Uri 
Elitzur defining the entire Palestinian people as “the enemy.” On July 3 
the general secretary of the orthodox youth movement Bnei Akiva, Rabbi 
Noam Perl, called on the Israel Defense Forces to become an “army of 
vengeance that hopefully would not stop at three hundred Philistine 
foreskins.” (The reference is to Samuel 18.27: the Biblical David 
brought King Saul two hundred foreskins as a bride-price for Saul’s 
daughter Michal; it is not uncommon in right-wing discourse in Hebrew to 
call Palestinians “Philistines.”) To his credit, I suppose, Rabbi Perl 
retracted his bloodthirsty statement and apologized a few days later. 
Another rabbi, Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba in the territories, has recently 
published a legal ruling permitting Israel to carry out the total 
destruction of Gaza, exterminating the enemy.


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