[Marxism] The need for a mass united front to oppose U.S. aid to Israel

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 4 08:38:45 MDT 2014

I have been reading with increased concern that the united actions across the world are not reflected in the U.S. What I have seen so far is some large actions by disparate groups; often the conservative Left who see a dichotomy between the fight to end the Israeli murder and the freedom struggles in the Middle East like Syria and the Kurds, not to mention the ongoing struggle in Egypt and what is happening in Iraq. It seems that there are groups of Syrians and other Arab peoples who are organizing solidarity actions against the Gaza occupation in connection with their own struggles and the largely White Left who distance themselves from Syria and other similar movements. 

I am wondering if this state of affairs is counterproductive. Most of the actions I have seen here in Minneapolis/St. Paul are organized by the White Left with a smattering of Palestinians who often play the role of tokens while other speakers are mostly White (WAMM, Maoist-inspired, UNAC and related socialist groups) who find some way to denounce American imperialism and give backhanded or even sometimes overt support the al Assad or Russia as some counter threat to imperialism. It is abysmal and it has made it difficult to attend solidarity actions when I know those actions seem primarily to show these Lefts' "commitment to the struggle" but offering no real opportunity for a mass united front. 

There is no need to "explain" this problem or to try to convince me about united front action--I know it pretty well. I am wondering if there is something more concrete that can be done by Marxists of all stripes to build a stronger solidarity movement that includes the forces of the Arab diaspora and the Black and Brown communities? If this question sounds naive to you, don't be fooled. You are only foolling yourselves. This is not a question requiring "schooling" but a question aimed at getting us "off the dime". 		 	   		   		 	   		  

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