[Marxism] Gideon Levy in today's Haaretz

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Mon Aug 4 14:54:05 MDT 2014

It’s all Hamas’ fault, right Israel?

More than 1,200 Gazans have been killed, about 80 percent of them 
civilians. But Israelis’ hands are clean and their consciences are quiet 
- so quiet you could cry.

By Gideon Levy

It’s so easy to be an Israeli; your tender conscience is pure as the 
driven snow: Everything is Hamas’ fault. The rockets are the fault of 
Hamas; that can be taken for granted. Hamas started the war, for no 
reason; that, too, “goes without saying.” Hamas is a vicious terrorist 
organization, beasts in human form, born to kill, fundamentalists – and 
apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Some 400,000 Palestinians have been displaced. More than 1,200 have been 
killed, about 80 percent of them civilians, half of these women and 
children. Around 50 families have been obliterated, their homes bombed 
with them inside. It has reached the dimensions of a real massacre. But 
Israelis’ hands are clean and their consciences are quiet – so quiet you 
could cry. It’s Hamas’ fault.

We’ll leave the root causes of this cursed repression and denial to the 
psychologists. Since the days when Israel accused the Palestinians of 
killing their own children by means of the Israel Defense Forces, we 
haven’t seen such denial. After incubating for years, the disease is now 
a raging epidemic whose carriers are now symptomatic. The national 
conscience hasn’t moved a muscle in response to this atrocity, and there 
are forces working to keep it that way.

But even through the malignant cloud of denial, even understanding how 
easy it is to blame everything on Hamas — Israel has never had such a 
convenient enemy, which can be framed for all its sins – we must ask 
whether everything really is the fault of Hamas. Is Israel genuinely 
completely innocent? In the face of bleeding, ruined Gaza, the work of 
Israeli hands, such denial is incomprehensible.

Hamas is a vicious terror organization? How has it been more vicious 
than the IDF in this war? In that it doesn’t “knock on the roof” 80 
seconds before bombing a home? That it aims its rockets at civilian 
populations, just as the IDF does, but less effectively? That it wants 
to destroy Israel? How many Israelis want to destroy Gaza? Meanwhile, 
everyone knows who is destroying whom.

Israel’s sanctimoniousness reaches a peak in its concern for Gaza’s 
residents: Look at how Hamas oppresses them, cry the Israeli democrats, 
so solicitous of Palestinian rights. Hamas is tyrannical, but its 
tyranny is nothing compared to that of Israel, which has subjected the 
Gaza Strip to a seven-year siege and a 47-year occupation.

What has destroyed Gaza’s society and economy is above all the siege, 
and thanks to those who seek its welfare, who imposed it. Thanks also to 
those who are worried about its lack of democracy, who are shocked by 
the corruption, who denounce its leaders for staying in luxury hotels or 
hiding in bunkers, who are troubled by the enormous sums used for 
tunnels and rockets instead of playgrounds and after-school activities. 
Truly, thanks.

What about Israel? Do its leaders live in tents? Aren’t enormous sums 
spent on superfluous submarines and secret explosives, instead of on 
health, education and welfare? Hamas is fundamentalist? Israel is on the 
way. Hamas oppresses women? That’s bad, but Israel has that too, at 
least in one large community.

Why did Gazans elect Hamas, instead of a moderate leadership? Because 
the moderates have been trying for years to achieve something, anything, 
and all they have received is humiliation and Israeli rejectionism. Has 
Israel given the Palestinians a reason to choose the Palestine 
Liberation Organization’s route of diplomacy over Hamas’ violent 
resistance? Has the PLO brought them an inch closer to statehood or freedom?

Hamas at least won the release of 1,000 prisoners and also preserved a 
measure of self-respect, even at the terrible price that the desperate 
Gazans are now willing to pay. What has Palestinian President Mahmoud 
Abbas brought his people? Nothing. A photo op with Barack Obama.

I’m no fan of Hamas, quite the contrary. But Israel’s attempt to put all 
the blame on Hamas is outrageous. The international community will soon 
judge this war’s atrocities. Hamas may be reprimanded, deservedly, but 
Israel will be condemned and ostracized far more. And then Israelis will 
say, ‘It’s Hamas’ fault. And the world will laugh.

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