[Marxism] Fwd: On the Possible Banning of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Its Meaning for Democracy and the Left | LeftEast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 5 06:33:09 MDT 2014

The ban of the CPU will push the people of the Donbass region (and not 
only CPU voters) even further away from Kiev government. It will 
radicalize the committed rank-and-file CPU members who will have even 
more motivation to join the separatist movement. It will further 
discredit the Kiev government among the progressive international 
public. Is this an act of extreme political idiotism? It might be. More 
likely this is just another step in the general strategy of increasing 
chauvinist hysteria while criminalizing not only political but also 
social-economic opposition in Ukraine. Recently top Ukrainian officials 
such as prime-minister Arseniy Yatseniuk or National Security and 
Defense Secretary Andriy Parubiy called the expected social protests 
against the austerity policies of the new government a provocation by 
Russian agents. Ukrainian media are heavily involved in a reciprocal 
information war against Russian propaganda, attacking those human rights 
activists and independent journalists who criticize Ukrainian government 
and military as  pro-Russian. Serhiy Kvit, the new Minister of 
Education, called for sacking higher school lecturers for ‘amoral deeds’ 
connecting them to anti-government political positions. Arsen Avakov, 
the Minister of Interior, suggested introducing  severe punishment for 
‘terrorism’ and any form of attack on Ukrainian territorial integrity, 
including calls for ‘separatism’ – something undefined in Ukrainian 


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