[Marxism] Israel massacres Gaza - "Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel"

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      Israel massacres Gaza - "Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel"

> Israel is a European-American settler state in Palestine. The Bible
> stories of the Old Testament and the Torah gave it a mythological
> history. The holocaust of the Jews in Europe created the 20th century
> impetus. But it remains, at heart, what most such settler states are,
> a land grab aimed at taking a section of the Earth's surface [and
> what's under it!] away from the indigenous population and putting it
> under the control of the /"settlers."/
> The United States grew out of a settler state, so did Australia.
> Calling themselves /"settlers"/ was already a part of their mythology.
> They pretended that they were settling an /"unsettled"/ land. They
> pretended that there weren't already people living on that land that
> they intended to remove by force and murder. The Zionists promoted the
> myth of /"A land without a people for a people without a land"/ and as
> soon as they got a mandate, they started removing Palestinians from
> the land.
> Palestine was already a colonial land under British rule, and fighting
> against it, when large parts of it were given over to European Jews to
> form the settler state of Israel. Using one excuse or another, the
> amount of land under settler control as steadily increased since 1948
> [the year I was born] because that's what settler states do. They tend
> to gobble up all the land to the water's edge and beyond - if you let
> them.
> This brings us to Israel's latest offensive in Gaza and the thousands
> of Palestinians Israel is now killing there. It's an operation they
> refer to as /"mowing the lawn."/ It is a procedure of the occupation
> and and continuation of the Zionist effort to rid Palestine of
> Palestinians. All the talk about tunnels and rockets is besides the
> point, however the Palestinians resist, Israel would complain.
> Every time Israel massacres another school or UN center, President
> Obama repeats his mantra about Israel's /"right to defend itself"/ and
> every time he says this he green-lights another massacre. As long as
> Israel is carrying on the occupation and as long as it is expanding
> settlements, both illegal under international law, its claim to a
> right to self-defense have as much standing as that of a bank robber's
> claim to a right to self-defense  while committing a bank robbery.

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including Einstein's 1948 letter on Israel

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