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I don't encourage anyone to prioritize humanitarian aid over political
action, but if someone in the United States wants a recipient in Palestine
for their tax-deductible donations, I suggest this one.

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Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 6:38 PM
Subject: URGENT: Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Please share.

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Dear Friends,

We have all felt it—that feeling of shock and, yes, helplessness as we see
from afar the terrible situation unfoldingin Gaza. Civilians have been
attacked, injured, and killed in great numbers.  Schools, Hospitals,
Mosques and Homes have been reduced to rubble.  People are suffering....
Perhaps most distressing of all is the knowledge that over half of Gaza's
medical infrastructure has been destroyed. Anyone with a conscience is left
asking—what can I do?

*There is something we can do:*
Give to*
of the Palestine Red Crescent Society

In the spirit of solidarity work, and in response to the heartbreaking
situation in Gaza, the Alliance for Global Justice is launching *“Friends
of the Palestine Red Crescent Society” *a project intended to fundraise for
Medical and Humanitarian Aide to Palestine from the United States. Many
local organizations or institutions doing good work are blacklisted, and we
wanted to provide a clear, legal, tax deductible way for folks in the US to
make a donation to humanitarian aid in Palestine.

 We formed Friends of the Palestine Red Crescent Society because of our
anguish at witnessing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We could find few US
organization through which people of good will could make tax-deductible
donations for medical aid to the Palestinian victims of this war. So we
decided to create a conduit ourselves. Due to US legal restrictions on
individual and organizational aid to Palestine, including Gaza, we decided
that we would channel contributions to the Palestine Red Crescent Society
which as an affiliate of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent, is safe
from US legal proscriptions on humanitarian aid.
*The situation is dire, and the need is high: Please support Friends of the
Palestine Red Crescent. *

Please visit the Friends of the Palestine Red Crescent
follow us on social media Facebook
and Twitter.

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