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August 8, 2014, Issue 206 ACTIVIST NEWSLETTER
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1.   Upcoming NYC & Hudson Valley Protests
                    THE WAR IN GAZA
2.   Israel-Hamas Truce Collapses In New Violence
3.   Why Israel Wanted A Ceasefire Now
4.   Phyllis Bennis On Gaza
5.   Netanyahu: Help Israel Avoid War Crime Charges
6.   Obama: Blockade Can’t Continue Forever
7.   Why Israel Lies
8.   Proof Israel Targeted UN Buildings
9.   Israel Soldier Brags Of Killing Children
10. The Nightmare In Gaza
11. UN: ‘The Impact On Children Most Severe’
12. It Is Not Just An Israeli War On Gaza
13. Some Arab Leaders Turn On Hamas
14. ‘Palestine Pre-1948, Before Israel’
                   THE WAR IN IRAQ
15Us Re-Engages In Iraq
16. U.S. Air Strikes Killing 'Hundreds'
17. Critique Of U.S. Intervention In Iraq
18. Un: Some Rescued From Mountain Siege
19. Isis Surges In Northern Iraq
20. Isis Consolidates

Its Victories
21. Kurdish Forces Struggle To Counter Isis
22. Turkish Warplanes In Iraq

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