[Marxism] more thoughts on Gaza

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 21:30:39 MDT 2014

I have read Richard Seymour's [Lenin's tomb blog] contributions on Gaza and
they are, as one expects from Richard, extremely thought provoking.  He
appears to be working on a thesis about the auto-radicalizing process that
is underway in Israel. As I understand it, his argument is that the logic
of the Zionist project is pulling the Israeli people and government further
and further to the right. They must expand their conquest and that
necessitates ethnic cleansing and the practice of genocide, something the
Israelis refer to as "nail clipping" or "mowing the lawn".

What is unique about the Zionist colonial settler project, is that it
refuses to publicly acknowledge their sponsors -first Britain and now the
USA. For the Israelis, there is supposedly no "mother country".  Instead,
the Zionist settlers argue, that they are returning "home".  But the
actualities of colonial conquest are there for all of us to see.  Those who
support Israel are increasingly uncomfortable about the ongoing massacres
that that the conquest and theft of another people's land inevitably
requires. Supporters of Israel would like the killing to be in the past and
so easy to forget.  Instead, the killing fields are there for all to see in
the mediasphere.

Liberals like Mary Robinson and Carter would like the Israeli war machine
to stop and for two states to emerge. But the experience of imperialism in
Ireland would suggest that "two state solutions" do not work.  Whatever the
case, it is clear now that the main opponents of the two-state are the
Israelis themselves.  Clearly their preferred option is for ethnic

What is frustrating the Israelis is continued Palestinian resistance and
even on occasion successful military defiance.  That in turn puts pressure
on what is a reservist based army. None of whom want to die, and very few
of whom enjoy the experience of encountering Arabs who shoot back.

So as I read it and of course caution is needed, Israel is faced with the
stark choice of giving into Hamas' demands or of marked escalation,
including a possible re-occupation of Gaza. Continued bombing is eroding
the power base of their main allies - Sisi, and the Kings Abdullah.

More than ever Israel needs Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to acquiesce in
the Zionist adventure.  But cost of that acquiescence is getting ever

Things fall apart...



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