[Marxism] Fwd: Putin And Assad Are Using A Lot Of The Same Propaganda Methods To Conceal Their Crimes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 10 07:00:50 MDT 2014

It pays to remember that Syria’s intelligence, and most of its political 
elite, were trained in the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia — and 
not just in how to torture and kill people.

The IQ, consistency and logical cohesion of state-relayed propaganda in 
Damascus owes a great deal to prior tutelage in Moscow, as the latest 
developments in the Ukraine crisis have nicely demonstrated.

We have heard innumerable explanations from official Russian sources for 
how 298 people were blown out of European skies on July 17. None of them 
are so simple as the truth: Russian-backed separatists, using 
Russian-provided anti-aircraft batteries, shot Malaysia Airlines Flight 
MH17 down, believing it to be a Ukrainian military cargo plane.

The most imaginative of the counter-narratives came from RT, the 
Kremlin-owned propoganda channel, which is now under investigation by 
Britain’s media regulatory body Ofcom for failing to abide by basic 
journalistic standards. RT alleged that Kiev was in fact responsible for 
accidentally blowing up MH17 – while trying to hit Putin’s presidential 

Putin’s jet is a well-guarded conveyance which, RT belatedly had to 
admit, was not passing through the airspace of the “People’s Republic of 
Donetsk” on July 17, much less within collateral striking distance of 
MH17’s own flight path.

In fact, it hadn’t flown through any Ukrainian airspace “for a while.” 
But no matter. What would stop the “fascist junta” in Kiev, abetted by 
NATO and the CIA, from assassinating the heroic defender of the 
Motherland, wherever he is or is not?

RT’s spitballing was followed by the Kremlin’s more elaborate non-thesis.


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