[Marxism] Fwd: Israel BANS Peace Protests

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 14:03:13 MDT 2014

If you check other sources like the Jerusalem Post you will see that some
demonstrated anyway (supposedly 150, which of course is much less than
previous rallies).

These other accounts quote the same liberal hacks justifying their
Where, by the way, are the heroes (sic) of the Great Tent Rebellion of two
years ago?

I have to say that In this situation I can't see justification for cowering
at home for fear of arrest or beating. Methinks it's more about lack of
principles than genuine fear.

Where, by the way, are the heroes (sic) of the Great Tent Rebellion of two
years ago?

PS: One account of fascist violence against previous Tel Aviv antiwar demos
(Matin Kaminer's thoughtful piece in Jacobin) says the antiwar marchers
vastly outnumbered the fascists. If that's the case, IMO there should have
been some serious retribution against the fascists. It's one thing to not
be provoked by isolated nutsos and/or police agents in an NYC demo when the
only ones who will be victimized are Palestinians in the crowd. It's quite
another thing to lose a golden opportunity to bust some fascists' heads in
"Israel" itself.

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