[Marxism] Fwd: Understanding the West’s position on Syria | The Eternal Spring

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 11 17:41:01 MDT 2014

Syria under Assad thus perhaps resembled more closely Egypt under Sadat; 
a possible shift from ‘resistance’ in exchange for land, neo-liberal 
reforms of the economy (even before a formal shift to the Western sphere 
of influence), and eventual breaking with Russian loyalty to American 
stewardship in the offing (Assad’s regime had collaborated with the CIA 
during the early 2000s in the rendition and torture of prisoners). 
Ironically both regimes had also come under the auspices and hopes of a 
‘corrective revolution’. The West had however been unable to accomplish 
the shift with Assad (which required the Golan’s return from Israel, a 
very difficult task) in time when the revolution broke out (which 
necessitated Assad’s firm interruption of any process of possible 
reconciliation with Israel to enable his re-emergence as a ‘resistance’ 
leader), leaving them returning to their prior (rhetorical) hostility. 
The US was essentially caught in two minds; on one hand wanting to 
overthrow a ‘tyrannical’ regime to strike a decisive blow to Iranian 
power in the region (and to Israel’s threat Hezbollah),eliminate the 
final Russian base in the Middle East, and finally to establish a loyal 
ally along Israel’s borders, with the added ‘sweeteners’ of being able 
to re-establish its global credentials as a ‘freedom supporting’ power 
(which had taken a big hit in recent years) and repairing its standing 
in the Muslim World.


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