[Marxism] Hiroshima

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 11 21:45:50 MDT 2014

Although the evidence of Western imperialists' racist views of Asians is 
vivid, the analysis in the article is incomplete.

1. It makes the point that the bomb had to be used to justify the 
expense to Congress and to intimidate the world. A demonstration on a 
little island would have met those criteria. But the article structures 
its argument in two steps: one, the bomb had to be used on a country 
(the latter clause assumed not proved), and two, the target country was 
Japan for racist reasons.

2. Allied strategy was to finish the war in Europe first. The assumption 
in 1943 would naturally be that the Allies could not count on the bomb 
being engineered, built and tested in New Mexico before victory over 
Germany in Europe.

3. The article fails to address the explanation urged by other analysts: 
the U.S. rushed to bomb Japan and receive its surrender before the 
Soviet Union swept through Manchuria and north China and won a surrender 
from Japan. The SU declared war on Japan on Aug. 8. Its massive attack 
brought Hirohito to urging Japanese surrender within a few days.

As a corollary, it was too early to dare use the bomb on the Soviet 
Union, but revealing it was also designed to send a message about 
postwar power.

In addition, the article is weak on Allied racist attitudes. Not in 
documenting them, but in explaining how quickly the U.S. turned to a 
neo-colonial program for Asia: take a stand against formal colonial rule 
and bring Asian countries into de facto colonial subjugation to the U.S.

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