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Very interesting. Just started skimming other articles on the site, looks
Who is the author?

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> Syria under Assad thus perhaps resembled more closely Egypt under Sadat; a
> possible shift from ‘resistance’ in exchange for land, neo-liberal reforms
> of the economy (even before a formal shift to the Western sphere of
> influence), and eventual breaking with Russian loyalty to American
> stewardship in the offing (Assad’s regime had collaborated with the CIA
> during the early 2000s in the rendition and torture of prisoners).
> Ironically both regimes had also come under the auspices and hopes of a
> ‘corrective revolution’. The West had however been unable to accomplish the
> shift with Assad (which required the Golan’s return from Israel, a very
> difficult task) in time when the revolution broke out (which necessitated
> Assad’s firm interruption of any process of possible reconciliation with
> Israel to enable his re-emergence as a ‘resistance’ leader), leaving them
> returning to their prior (rhetorical) hostility. The US was essentially
> caught in two minds; on one hand wanting to overthrow a ‘tyrannical’ regime
> to strike a decisive blow to Iranian power in the region (and to Israel’s
> threat Hezbollah),eliminate the final Russian base in the Middle East, and
> finally to establish a loyal ally along Israel’s borders, with the added
> ‘sweeteners’ of being able to re-establish its global credentials as a
> ‘freedom supporting’ power (which had taken a big hit in recent years) and
> repairing its standing in the Muslim World.
> full: http://eternispring.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/understanding-
> the-wests-position-on-syria/
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