[Marxism] NYT Ombudsman on Rick Perlstein plagiarism charge

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 12 18:47:00 MDT 2014

Here are a couple of examples of Perlstein's takings from Craig Shirley:

Craig Shirley: “According to Keene, she said, ‘That’s what I like to hear.’”
Rick Perlstein: “Nancy promptly reared up with gleaming eyes: ‘Now that 
is the kind of talk I like to hear.’”

Craig Shirley: “Whenever he flew, Reagan would sit in the first row so 
he could talk to people as they boarded the plane. On one occasion, a 
woman spotted him, embraced him and said ‘Oh Governor, you’ve just got 
to run for President!’ As they settled into their seats, Reagan turned 
to Deaver and said, ‘Well, I guess I’d better do it.’”
Rick Perlstein: “When Ronald Reagan flew on commercial flights he always 
sat in the first row. That way, he could greet passengers as they 
boarded. One day he was flying between Los Angeles and San Francisco. A 
woman threw his [sic] arms around him and said, ‘Oh Governor, you’ve got 
to run for president!’ ‘Well,’ he said, turning to Michael Deaver, dead 
serious, ‘I guess I’d better do it.”

See these and all the examples from Craig Shirley at

In the first example, if Shirley interviewed Keene, then Perlstein, 
writing a serious, multi-volume history, should cite a source - in the 
book, not on a Web page. Perlstein should cite the source for the direct 
quotations in both examples, too.

Perlstein apparently did not quote long passages verbatim. He did flout 
standards of scholarly attribution.

The hyper-political Mao Zedong lectured over and over: No investigation, 
no right to speak. But the fact that Craig Shirley is a political 
slimeball serves as carte blanche by which liberals and some 
commentators here dismiss Perlstein's obligation to do scholarly work 
according to the standards of scholarship.

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