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Wed Aug 13 09:17:06 MDT 2014

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From: Louis Proyect via Marxism

> Maybe John Rees and the Becker brothers should pull out all the stops
and organize mass demonstrations around the slogan "No War on ISIS".
After all, they saved Assad's neck last year. ;-)

Maybe they should do more than this. Here are some suggestions:

1. They should explain that ISIS is not really besieging and killing the 
Yazdi and other minorities, nor committing all those other terrible 
crimes that the imperialists are so wrongly accusing them of; they 
should show that in reality, it is the "US-backed" Kurds or "US-backed" 
Maliki regime that in fact are killing the Yazdi as part of a black-ops 
to make ISIS look bad to get the US to intervene. Maybe Seymour Hersh 
could do some investigating for them, via his alleged contacts in high 

2. They should explain that even if ISIS is doing some of these things, 
they have no choice, they are forced to do this because while they 
simply attempt to run their legitimate state, the US has been arming the 
Maliki regime and the Kurds to launch a brutal insurgency against the 
ISIS regime (and unlike the accusation against the FSA, which never got 
nothing from the US, in this case it would be factually true)

3. They should explain that the reason for this is that, while ISIS may 
not be perfect from a working class point  of view, it has thumbed its 
nose at imperialism, so socialists must defend it against these other 
forces acting as imperialism's cats-paws.

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