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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 13 11:24:36 MDT 2014

On 8/13/14 12:26 PM, John Obrien via Marxism wrote:
> 4) Since some on this same List last year (and more recently) were
> stating that those as myself who were concerned that the calls to
> support ALL the opponent forces to the Bashir al-Assad led Syrian
> government would: A) be supporting reactionary Islamists forces -
> such as ISIS B) should only support anti-capitalist/anti-imperialist
> forces  -
> that we were wrong - and support of FSA, ISIS, etc. was correct and
> their giving words that indirectly or directly, encouraged political
> support for expanding imperialist military intervention

This is really a filthy lie. The only fighters I (or anybody else)
supported were in the FSA. Not only were we opposed to ISIS, we were
also opposed to al-Nusra before that, a group that never carried out the
kind of Khmer Rouge savagery now carried out by ISIS.

John, you really need to get into the habit of documenting your
slanderous charges. There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. Go here: http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.politics.marxism.marxmail and
"search archives"

2. Do an "advanced search" on Google for

Using option 1, I found a NYT's article I posted on January 26, 2013--my
68th birthday by coincidence. I posted it in order to alert Marxmail
subscribers that a clash between the FSA and al-Nusra had become more
pronounced. This was even before ISIS began beheading its leaders. So,
John, if you took 5 minutes to check the archives, you could have 
figured out that you were a lying, irresponsible troll.

NY Times January 26, 2013
Jihadists and Secular Activists Clash in Syria

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The tensions had been simmering for months in the
northern Syrian town of Saraqib. Civilian antigovernment activists had
complained of rebel fighters who needlessly destroyed a milk factory and
treated residents disrespectfully. A growing contingent of jihadist
fighters from the ideologically extreme and militarily formidable Nusra
Front was suspicious of the activists’ secular, nonviolent agenda.

On Thursday, mistrust erupted into confrontation. Masked men believed to
be with Al Nusra raided the headquarters of two secular civilian
grass-roots organizations — setting in motion one of the most dramatic
tests yet of the makeshift system of local governance that civilians and
fighters have established in Saraqib, a rebel-held town.

The dispute also tests the clout of jihadist fighters and the ability of
civilian opposition groups to stand up to them. The increasingly
prominent role of jihadist battalions on the battlefield worried the
United States enough to blacklist Al Nusra last year as a terrorist
organization, an effort to isolate it that may have backfired. The
Syrian opposition is ambivalent about the group: while many
antigovernment activists oppose its vision of an Islamic state and
complain of attempts to enforce pious practices, its relatively steady
arms supply and string of battleground victories have brought it respect.


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