[Marxism] American fascism and the militarized society

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Fri Aug 15 01:57:35 MDT 2014

The August 14, 2014 demonstration at Hart Plaza, downtown Detroit brought a new layer of the population out in protest. Today, roughly 400-500 people gather in support of the protest in Ferguson Missouri against the brutal slaying of Michael Brown. The images of protesters and a highly militarized state, coming from Ferguson are transforming the consciousness of the American people. 

The debate over whether or not America is fascist has ended with events in Ferguson Missouri. 
The real problem amongst the American people and ideologues is that white supremacy and race ideology prevents a huge section of the population from seeing and understanding the obvious meaning of the words “police state” and “national security state.” Now that the militarization of the police is being viewed nationwide, revolutionary propagandists can use this moment to educate the people of America. 

The state of Michigan was perhaps the first geographic state in America to official become fascist with the Emergency Financial Manager system, which suspends all government officials and place power in the authority of an individual or corporation. 
To understand the gravity of what is taking place in our country please see the article, Detroit: Once year a slave. http://rallycomrades.lrna.org/2014/03/detroit-one-year-slave-2/

Also see, The Civil War: A150 years and still with us.  


Also, The Changing Situation and the Tasks of Revolutionaries

For a video clip on Thursday demo my Detroit see my facebook page: 



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