[Marxism] John Pilger: crackerjack investigative reporter?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 15 06:54:10 MDT 2014

 From a May 13, 2013 Comments are Free column:


A doctor described trying to rescue people, "but I was stopped by 
pro-Ukrainian Nazi radicals. One of them pushed me away rudely, 
promising that soon me and other Jews of Odessa are going to meet the 
same fate. What occurred yesterday didn't even take place during the 
fascist occupation in my town in world war two. I wonder, why the whole 
world is keeping silent." [see footnote]

The footnote reads:

• The following footnote was appended on 16 May 2014: The quotation from 
a doctor who says he was "stopped by pro-Ukrainian Nazi radicals" was 
from an account on a Facebook page that has subsequently been removed.


What is going on with people like Seymour Hersh, Robert Parry and John 
Pilger? Have they lost their minds? I feel like the guy in "Invasion of 
the Body Snatchers" running down the street trying to warn everybody 
that the pod people have taken over. How do these mutts call themselves 
"investigative reporters" when clearly they are aliens from the planet 

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