[Marxism] Assadistas deny Yazidis were ever in danger

William Quimby quimbywm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 16:36:20 MDT 2014

And beyond that, when can visual evidence (from a war zone especially) be
called a "claim"? Certainly some of us saw the moon landing on TV - that I
guess is a "claim". But then again some of us thought it filmed in a 
studio because, after all as Catron would suggest - NONE OF US WERE THERE!

- Bill

On 08/15/2014 2:25 PM, Joseph Catron via Marxism wrote:
 > We've all seen reports of 40,000 Yazidi besieged by ISIS on Mount
 > Sinjar. Perhaps it was true at one point, perhaps not. Given that
 > none of us (I think) are there, the first step is figuring out just
 > who's making the claim. Curiously, none of few dozen articles I've
 > scanned over the past ten minutes which repeat it have bothered to
 > say. And I rather doubt their writers were all atop Mount Sinjar too.
 > Does anyone know the source of the allegation?

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