[Marxism] Hanna Perekhoda: Freedom and Social Identity in the Donbas

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 02:42:53 MDT 2014

"Today, the line between absurdity and reality has seamlessly disappeared
for a long time to come, obviously, and one spends all one’s mental energy
only on understanding the causes of what has happened. For example, why did
the separatist movement turn from a marginal idea in the east of the
country into the cause of a political and military conflict that has
riveted the world’s attention for several months? Why does the line of fire
run along the borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions? What exactly does
this line separate? Russia and Ukraine? Asia and Europe? The Soviet Union
and the capitalist West? The best minds (and not only the best minds) in
different countries have been strenuously and almost fruitlessly reflecting
on these questions day after day, especially in Ukraine, for which the
situation proved indecently unexpected. I won’t hidе the fact it was a
surprise for me as well, and for all the people in Donetsk I know."

A not entirely unproblematic but nevertheless rich reflection on social
identity, written by a young woman from Donetsk and originally published,
in Russian, on OpenLeft.ru.

Read the full translation here:

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