[Marxism] Quantrill's Raiders Come to Ferguson

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There is a counter-tradition in Missouri history that we should not overlook - that of the German immigrant workers (48'ers) in St. Louis who armed themselves and allied with a small force of Union troops to seize the local arsenal, march on Jefferson City, and overthrow the secessionist state government, thereby keeping Missouri in the Union. Perhaps some of their descendants are among the white folks who have joined the protests in Ferguson.

The American Scholar: Civil Warfare in the Streets - Adam Goodheart

The American Scholar: Civil Warfare in the Streets - Ada...
After Fort Sumter, German immigrants in St. Louis flocked to the Union cause and in bloody confrontations overthrew the local secessionists  
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>Missouri has an especially racist legacy. The last of the slavery states, it was a launching pad for numerous raids into Kansas by slaveowner militias hired to turn the vote in that state in favor of the slavers. It was from Missouri that raiders went to the abolitionist town of Lawrence, Kansas and burned it to the ground. This led to a guerrilla war that involved John Brown and his band. Symptomatic of the US’s racism is how so many history books cover that war. John Brown’s campaign is consistently labeled as murderous, while the actions of the raiders is often portrayed as a response to Brown’s tactics. This is despite the well-documented attacks on Lawrence, including one known in history as the Lawrence Massacre. The coverage of the Michael Brown murder in the mainstream press suggests that the actions of those who carry on the raiders’ task (in this case the Ferguson police) continue to be excused for their violence.
>Once the Civil War began, Missouri turned into a battlefield between slave-owners and radicals.[...]

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