[Marxism] Did Assad Regime Help Islamic State Advance Across Aleppo Province?

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 09:05:09 MDT 2014

Well, since they've been collaborating against the revolutionary forces 
all over Syria for over a year, the question is arguably redundant, 
except for the context that the Assad regime has in recent weeks 
finally, finally, come to blows with ISIS a few times, precisely in 
concert with US imperialism striking ISIS. In this context, the fact 
that the regime and ISIS still collaborate against the united resistance 
front yet again indicates the way counterrevolution of all stripes 
inevitably sees revolution as the chief enemy.

Did Assad Regime Help Islamic State Advance Across Aleppo Province?


Sources who report on the developing fight between insurgents and the 
Islamic State in Aleppo Province (see below) add an interesting note 
about possible collaboration between jihadists and the Assad regime.

The sources note that Liwa Dawoud, a former insurgent faction, is 
fighting with the Islamic State after defecting in early July.

The link with the Assad reigme? When Liwa Dawoud defected, its fighters 
moved en masse from their base in Idlib Province to the Islamic State 
heartland in Raqqa Province. To get there, they crossed southern Aleppo 
Province, controlled by regime forces — in effect, getting safe passage.

The outcome six weeks later? A two-pronged Assad regime/Islamic State 
assault on insurgents in northern Aleppo Province and east of Aleppo 

Insurgents Reinforce for Fight Against Islamic State in Aleppo Province

Well-placed sources report on insurgent efforts to hold back the Islamic 
State’s advance in northern Aleppo Province.

The insurgents have tried to establish a frontline east of Azaz, on the 
Turkish border, bringing in forces from western Aleppo Province and 
Idlib Province. A unified command has been established by the Islamic 
Front, Free Syrian Army, and Syrian Revolutionary Front.

The main problem for the opposition — “as always”, says one source — is 
the lack of ammunition. The source continues, “Key questions are whether 
the SRF opens up its huge stockpiles of arms and/or if the regular 
supplies from Turkey increase.”

The Islamic Front has taken a series of towns and villages across 
northern Aleppo this week. They are threatening Azaz, a key transit 
point for men, supplies, and weapons 

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