[Marxism] Quantrill's Raiders Come to Ferguson

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Sun Aug 17 09:45:12 MDT 2014

Two young men leisurely walk down the street in their Ferguson, Missouri community.  The police ride up and moments later one of the young men, college-bound 18-year-old Michael Brown is dead.  Witnesses describe it as a police execution.  An outraged community then begins to protest.  The police respond with a cover up.  This is followed by even wider protests and growing rebellion.

While the neighborhood is urged to be peaceful, militarized officers in battle gear hit the streets in war formation. The officers face off with protesters, taunt them and call them animals.  We first witnessed this conduct as the new normal with the breakout of Occupy Wall Street September 19, 2012 and the initial attempts to suppress the arrival and consolidation of a new generation of revolutionaries. The execution of Brown is not just one bad racist cop or reducible to a young black male “walking while black.” 

We are slipping further into the social face and ideological aspects of American fascism.  The economic and political aspects of American fascism, in its 21st century form, are crystal clear in the state of Michigan and its numerous cities under lock down of the Emergency Financial Manager system. 

What is different concerning the Michel Brown execution and the nationwide response is the visibility of the militarized police as local neighborhood express of global economy driven by mega-corporate state.  The 21st century mega-corporation state supersedes the bourgeois republican form of the 20th century state and strives to bring order and stability to a society increasingly driven by computers, biotech and robotic production. The American expression of this global phenomenon that is the mega-corporate state, advances based on the color line in world and American history. 

“Color line” - according to Marxist Glossary Expanded edition page 55 – was the name of an article published by Frederick Douglas in the North American Review in 1881. 


“The phrase gained fame after W. E. B. Du Bois’ repeated use of it in his 1903 book The Souls of Black Folk. DuBois wrote, “The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.”

“The system of Jim Crow segregation that existed in the United States was a peculiar way of enforcing the color line. Created in the North before the Civil War, enforced through illegal and extralegal violence, Jim Crow was a system of discrimination that kept black labor out of the general labor market and relegated blacks to the edge of social life. Jim Crow segregated American society into categories of white people/white society, black people/black society, with interactions between white and black being based on the servitude of blacks towards whites. Jim Crow enforcement of the color line evolved into a system of neo-slavery for blacks. Corporations realize millions of dollars in extra profits from enforcing the color line. 

“The color line is built into the architecture of the productive relations. The color line is why the black descendants of American chattel slavery have remained on the bottom of the social ladder during every phase of development of the United States of America, including today.

End quote 

The color line or color factor is carved into the architecture of the system (productive relations) and justified by the ideology of white racism. The slaves were means of production and black, while the masters – ruling class – were white. Thus, white identification was sanctified as class privilege. The color line and its ideological justification by white racism is the historic form of control of the former black community and white population – in general. The blacks most certainly face the first cut of the razor, due to their historic location within the productive relations as last hired, first fired.  Today, an increasingly robotic economy has no mass need for black labor or large pools of labor without regard to color, as was the case for much of the 20th century. The whites are told, “side with us, the white ruling class, or be treated like niggers.”

The problem the ruling class can neither solve nor hide is the vast poverty in America and militarization of American society, far beyond the boundary of black neighborhoods. The economic middle of society has all but been done away with. With the collapse of the economic middle follows the collapse of the social and political middle. Proletariat and ruling class face each other as never before. The police force has been ripped from its historic basis in community and today stands as an adjunct of the military separate from neighborhood. There is a growing wave of jailing and murders of white youth by the police.  Social media has begun to expose the truth of American society, so carefully avoided and distorted by corporate media. 

Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, James Boyd - the list of victims awaiting justice is endless and will only increase.  Today it’s Michael Brown of Ferguson, tomorrow it could be you in your town.  It is precisely because the system is the cause of mass unemployment and poverty that the government defends the rights of the police to murder us in cold blood. Injustice will end when the economic system that has given rise to it is gotten rid of and replaced by a cooperative economy that will end poverty and injustice.  Imagine the justice in a new world of abundance, peace and freedom for all.

Ferguson Today Your Town USA Tomorrow! 



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