[Marxism] Boris Kagarlitsky: certifiably insane

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Tue Aug 19 08:19:08 MDT 2014

The only thing the authors of this scenario have not taken into account 
is the thinking of the people of Novorossiya and Ukraine, along with the 
moods of Donetsk residents and the overall logic of a revolutionary 
process into which Russian society too is gradually being drawn. The 
militia fighters and activists who, beneath the bombs, are constructing 
a new state are no longer prepared to be docile agents of outside 
decision making, no matter where, in Moscow or Kiev, the decisions alien 
to their interests are being taken. In Novorossiya, the idealistic 
sympathies with an abstract Russia that characterised the first months 
of the uprising are now being replaced by a growing hatred for the 
Kremlin bureaucrats, whom supporters of the republics accuse of sabotage 
and treason. The same moods are growing, in the fashion of an avalanche, 
within Russia itself. As for Igor Strelkov, a new group of field 
commanders is taking his place, in many ways accepting him as an example 
but differing from him in their far more radical and left-wing views.

full: http://links.org.au/node/4008

A new group of commanders with "far more radical and left-wing views"?

Is psilocybin widely available in Russia?

Does Terry Townshend and Renfrey Clarke at least get the best shit 
mailed to them from Russia?

As evidence of the "radicalization" taking place in Donetsk, Kagarlitsky 
refers to threats by the separatist government on May 20th that it would 
nationalize all enterprises that did not pay taxes to their 
government--starting with the top oligarch Akhmetov. Just 10 days later, 
the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic backed off 

In fact there has not been a SINGLE measure taken against capitalist 
enterprises since the Russian nationalists launched their rebellion.

Again, without providing any evidence, Kagarlitsky asserts: 
"Paradoxically, it was Strelkov who did most to aid the radicalisation 
of the process, despite his sympathies for the pre-revolutionary 
monarchy and nostalgia for the Russian empire. The leader of the 
militias was not only famed for his honesty and openness (it is enough 
to recall his detailed accounts of his own difficulties and failures, 
accounts which contrast sharply with the propaganda from Moscow and 
Kiev). Strelkov’s political instincts drove him, to a large degree 
despite his own ideological leanings, to support social and political 

What in god's name is Boris talking about? What "social and political 
changes" did the warlord Strelkov support? Putting petty thieves to death?

For all of his blather, Kagarlitsky has not done the one thing that 
would boost his credibility, namely to visit Donetsk and provide an 
eyewitness report. Maybe if gets there, he can interview one of the 
"radicals" he is promoting, the new Deputy Prime Minister of the Donetsk 
People's Republic:

The Moscow Times
Aug. 15 2014 19:16 Last edited 19:17
Rebel Leader Blames Ukrainian War on Masons

Adding a new actor to the Ukrainian civil war, the chief of the 
pro-Russian separatists' internal security blamed the ongoing conflict 
on U.S. and European masons.

"Nobody's to blame that our banks, shops, the airport [in rebel-held 
Donetsk] are closed — except for the Ukrainian fascists and the masons 
of the U.S. and Europe," Vladimir Antyufeyev told the Novaya Gazeta 

When asked whether he was serious, he queried back: "Aren't we aware of 
the influence that masonic lodges wield in the West?"

Antyufeyev gave no answer to his own question, but said he "personally 
studied the matter as a political scientist."

He also advised the reporter not to argue with him "because I am a 
scientist" and said the world should be rid of the U.S., which he said 
was a "demonic construct."

Antyufeyev, 63, is a deputy prime minister in the self-proclaimed 
People's Republic of Donetsk, which has been fighting since March for 
secession and a union with Russia.

In 2003, he defended a doctoral thesis on "Russia's Geostrategy in the 
Southwest" at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and 
Public Administration in Moscow. The academy's alumni include the 
Kremlin's current propaganda tsar Vyacheslav Volodin, Defense Minister 
Sergei Shoigu and ultraconservative lawmaker Irina Yarovaya.

A former policeman, Antyufeyev has been implicated in a failed attempt 
to put down the Latvian separatist movement in 1991. He also spent two 
decades as the security chief in the pro-Russian state of Transdnestr, a 
job which landed him on a EU blacklist in 2004.

He was sacked from his job in Transdnestr in 2012 and fled to Russia 
amid abuse of office charges but soon surfaced as an actor in the 
Ukrainian insurgency, where he supervises internal security — a job that 
earned him the "grey cardinal" nickname, Novaya Gazeta reported.

Freemasonry, a quasi-religious fraternity that can be traced back to the 
18th century, was a frequent target of Russia's prerevolutionary 
conspiracy theorists, despite the fact that many prominent historical 
figures in Russia, including the poet Alexander Pushkin and Napoleon's 
defeater Mikhail Kutuzov, were masons.

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