[Marxism] Aug. 19: Associated Press: "New Report Warns of Anti Aircraft Weaspons in Syria"

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 09:11:32 MDT 2014

So, Jeff, others, this report shows up after Louis posted his
http://www.marxmail.org/msg123554.html here, which I challenged. MANPADS
have been used and I proved that. However, what is odd is that why have so
*few* been used.

The problem I have with this report, which if true, gives lie to the belief
that the rebels (of whatever faction) haven't been armed with weapons
capable of defending the rebels against Syrian armor and airforce, is that
*they haven't been used very much*. I think when I originally looked, since
2011, MANPADS have been used about 8 times. 8 times in over 3 years of
intense armed conflict. Where are all these arms then that the report I
noted, and you cited, gone? Why are they generally *not* being used. If the
report is actually true, what excuse is there to allow helicopters in
*hundreds of sorties* hover over rebel held towns and drop the home-made
'barrel bombs'???

You see, there is a contradiction between this report and the reality on
the ground.

[And yes, MANPADS are 'small arms' because they are defined as such as in
"Man Portable". This makes them small arms. It is not only AK-74s and M-16s
that are 'small' but basically anything a person or two or three can
physically carry that makes them small arms.]


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