[Marxism] Some thoughts on Michael Brown & the Law in St. Louis

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 13:14:09 MDT 2014

New from Linux Beach:

      Some thoughts on Michael Brown & the Law in St. Louis

> I've been busy in San Antonio this week learning a new job so I 
> haven't had time for blogging. Haven't had time for much of anything 
> else. That doesn't mean my heart hasn't been with the protesters in 
> Ferguson, especially since I have my own history with St. Louis law 
> enforcement. Now comes the weekend, which suddenly has new meaning for 
> me, like time to write a blog.
> Before I get to my own experiences, I have a few words for the media, 
> especially CNN. I'm working second shift and I have been catching 
> their late night coverage from my Home2 @ the Hilton:
> What you don't seem to get is that it isn't particularly about what 
> Michael Brown did or whether Officer Darren Wilson was justified in 
> killing him. Its about a culture in this country that pre-dates the 
> United States that says a white law enforcement officer is /always/ 
> justified in gunning down a black man and the lack of evidence, with 
> each new /"Michael Brown,"/ that that has changed or ever will change. 
> Honestly, I don't know whether Darren Brown is guilty of murder, but I 
> know they can't all be innocent and I know they all get off. I was in 
> Los Angeles when the verdict came down in the Rodney King case. The 
> video tape made no difference. When's the last time a white cop went 
> to jail for killing a black person? Hence the rage.


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