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Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 19:10:07 MDT 2014

Fortunately, not quite. Links publishes my articles on Syria; it 
publishes Tony IItis' articles on Syria. That's debate, which is the 
purpose of Links.

That said, while I  would have used less colourful language, I basically 
agree with you regarding much of the content of this article, though 
there are a couple of good points.

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From: Louis Proyect via Marxism

Pure reeking garbage from the Socialist Alliance in Australia that seems
bent on fusing with Counterfire and the PSL in the USA.

"However, in reality the FSA was never more than an uncoordinated
network of independent brigades whose commanders often became little
more than bandits and warlords."

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