[Marxism] Syria: A Palestinian has been tortured to death every day of this month

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 A Palestinian has been tortured to death every day of this month


August 24, 2014 by Talal Alyan Leave a Comment

A Palestinian has been tortured to death in a Syrian regime prison
every single day of this month so far. Yarmouk has been under a
complete siege for over 400 days, a drought manufactured by the regime
taunts it daily while what is left of its inhabitants remain trapped
with no medical aid or basic necessities. Over 170 people have starved
to death in Yarmouk, thousands of others were slaughtered by different
means. 5000 homes have been demolished. 1,500 children are now
orphans. Yarmouk, the capital of the diaspora, is gone. It has been

Overall, 2454 Palestinian deaths have been documented. And 240
Palestinians of those dead have died by torture.

So far in the month of August, a Palestinian has been tormented to
death every single day. Every single day.

Here are their names:

Salah Qur’aish
Anas al Khatib
Tarek Rashdan
Firas al-Da’if
Rafat Abdul’al
Nawras Abdul’al
Faour Osama Majid
Mohammad Ali Al Badawi,
Ahmad Sammour
Ziad Ibrahim
Jamal abu Hasheesh
Mahmoud al Aswad
Taysir Shehadeh
Shehadeh Shaher Fadil
Omar Ahmad al-Fallah Shamlooni
Muwaffaq Ali Ahmad
Maher Amrin
Sammour Mohammad
Amjad al-Sabihi
Saed abu Rashid
Mohammad al Sarsawi
Alaa Naji
Maher Hamid

Talal Alyan

Talal is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. He tweets here

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